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Roatan, is one of the three Bay Islands in Honduras and has the world's second largest reef. The temperature of the water ranges between 70-80 degrees which makes it a popular spot to scuba or snorkel.

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onstant temperature on the island. Like in most warm climates you will encounter some mosquitoes and sand flies, but using repellant should keep them away. The most ideal time to travel to Roatan for leisure is between the months of January and June. Temperatures tend to be in the mid eighties year round but he rest of the year tends to see a little more rain. Rain showers tend to be short since the island is so small and the weather passes over quickly. Roatan doesn't have much hurricane activity like the rest of the Carribean. "ROATAN -- PIRATE HIDEOUT TO DIVERS DREAM - Sportdiver

Written by: Cara Vickers Uploaded Date: 25th Sep 2010 Words: 228
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