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Among the other dimension of new age UI paradigms , 'usability' is major stake holder. While this is never ending process, certainly major changes took place in the recent past. Here is a list of changes that I noticed or hoping to see in latest web designs:

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Lets say an employee completes his review, the supervisor finds the same only when he opens that review is a bad design. We have intelligent system in our hands; we could put all the data that has changed on the dashboard. For example the CEO do not have to wait to fire a sales report to find out that a particular area sales is sleeping since last one week. The dashboard should be intelligent enough to highlight that - and dynamically updated every minute or so just like gMail does. This might sound like a business need and what the CEO wants to be highlighted but in reality the users(even t

Written by: girish_s Uploaded Date: 3rd Dec 2010 Words: 644
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