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Among the other dimension of new age UI paradigms , 'usability' is major stake holder. While this is never ending process, certainly major changes took place in the recent past. Here is a list of changes that I noticed or hoping to see in latest web designs:

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d learn from the customization patterns of end users. So basically we should make the screens customizable to the tune of labels, combination of fields, combination of widgets along with placement. Am I asking too much? with a proper declarative UI design we can certainly implement this. The users ask for some change, we end up pushing that to next release. Even though it makes business sense, some times it is simply ridiculous wastage of time for the client. Ideally we design and develop with the intention of completely configurable and customizable UI from day one - no additional development

Written by: girish_s Uploaded Date: 3rd Dec 2010 Words: 644
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