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As we know, any problem definition has three kinds of requirements. The explicit ones - that are stated, the implicit ones that are expected to be understood, and the exciting ones - that do not have an end. The requirements taht were considered exciting become implicit with time and in the era of web applications, things change pretty fast so are the expectations from end user. Here is a list of implicit requirements of a web application in the era of genX:

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search. Its for us to figure out what kind of a field can take that kind of data, essentially we end up building a small search engine within the application and this requires a design level change in every layer/module/page/transaction. Keyboard ready - It is not a crime to have not so keyboard ready web application until now, but in the era of short cuts making each button, each menu item ready for a direct short cut key is a default expected behaviors. what it means is you need a keyboard logger engine that runs on every page and your buttons subscribe to the engine with its own

Written by: girish_s Uploaded Date: 3rd Dec 2010 Words: 393
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