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This interesting article describes female orgasm. All aspects of such not simple, but useful and pleasant phenomenon - woman orgasm, is stated here. The article will be useful as for women so for men who want to make woman feel real pleasure.

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cited again practically right away after orgasm. To feel an orgasm a woman needs 15-35 minutes, but all of it is individually. Thus, it seems that woman need about three times more time to feel orgasm than man need. It is possible to feel simultaneous orgasm, when a man and woman feel it at the same time, but as a rule, couple can reach this if they have sex with each other during long time and good knowledge of each other physiology. Female orgasm - is more difficult and unpredictable, than male orgasm. Thus, no matter what type of body and physiology woman has, she needs to teach her b

Written by: igoigo Uploaded Date: 16th Dec 2010 Words: 527
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