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Description: Resistance band workout exercises have never been so easy. A quick guide to resistance bands, these should help you move in the right direction. Just what your body ordered – the total body resistance band workout.

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ent position. Your arms should be parallel with the floor at the start of the exercise. Press your right arm forward, then pull it back. Alternate, and do the same with your left arm. Complete twelve to 16 reps for each arm. You may also find that adding pushups to your resistance band workout will be quite helpful. Start by wrapping your resistance band over your back, and hold the each of the ends with one of your hands. You can loop it to add additional levels of tension to this resistance band workout. Complete two to three reps of pushups during the course of band resistance training

Written by: girish_s Uploaded Date: 20th Dec 2010 Words: 400
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