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Ever noticed when a guy passes you on the street, gives you the once over, and then takes another look? When a guy looks at you, he's comparing you and your assets to a checklist in his head. So what is it exactly that makes a guy come in for another look and want to see more of you? Here's a look at what's on every guy's checklist.

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head that he wants to see? What is it that drives that guy to want to see more of you, and possibly even approach you and make contact? Here's are five of the most popular items on every guy's "chick checklist." Make sure your smile is real and authentic. You can usually tell when someone is faking a smile. Most guys are usually pretty good at reading whether a smile is genuine, if it's just polite, or for his benefit. Those little wrinkles around your eyes (sometimes called crows feet) are a telltale sign that your smile is genuine. Watch people who are genuinely smiling and having a g

Written by: M Kayo Uploaded Date: 18th Jan 2011 Words: 827
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