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Ever noticed when a guy passes you on the street, gives you the once over, and then takes another look? When a guy looks at you, he's comparing you and your assets to a checklist in his head. So what is it exactly that makes a guy come in for another look and want to see more of you? Here's a look at what's on every guy's checklist.

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Make sure your smile is real and authentic. You can usually tell when someone is faking a smile. Most guys are usually pretty good at reading whether a smile is genuine, if it's just polite, or for his benefit. Those little wrinkles around your eyes (sometimes called crows feet) are a telltale sign that your smile is genuine. Watch people who are genuinely smiling and having a good time. You'll also notice a sort of half smile, or lesser smile after the big grin. A real and authentic smile lets a guy know that you are also real and authentic. Thick, lustrous hair is another of the top it

Written by: M Kayo Uploaded Date: 18th Jan 2011 Words: 827
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