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Experts share their best tips and secrets for removing self-tanner, and for lightening a natural tan. All information obtained through original interviews.

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u can scrub yourself to a lighter shade! Don't skip breakfast, the remedy - Make an all-natural skin polishing scrub with equal parts dry oatmeal and honey and use it in the shower advises Borba. Use natural abrasives, carefully - Natural abrasives come in many forms, including sand and coffee grounds. Use these natural remedies to polish the skin to remove self-tanner or to remove the damaged skin cells from a suntan, advises Brittany Nielsen of d'vine Skin Care. "When polishing the skin with homemade scrubs and exfoliating scrub products, jagged edges in the beads/grains shoul

Written by: PamGaulin Uploaded Date: 29th Jul 2011 Words: 281
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