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Things have changed, and websites today don't have to be expensive. It's the era of "Have Idea? Setup a website in 24 hours" and you'll do well to save on cash and use it for something more important, like marketing, for instance. Here are at least 6 ways you can save on website development.

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ML5, CSS3, My SQL, Javascript, J Queries, or even server side programming \'96 depending on what kind of website you are looking to build. \ \uc0\u8232 Offline education can easily cost you an arm and a leg, and doesn\'92t make any sense to invest in that. Online education also sets you back by anywhere from $15 to $120 per month (books and other reference material not included). \ \ Hint: Learning coding alone can set you back by $400 per year on study material alone. \uc0\u8232 \ \pard\pardeftab720\ri0\partightenfactor0 \b \cf0 Time \ \pard\pardeftab720\ri0\partightenfactor0 \b0 \cf0 \ Cho

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