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This article covers the trials and tribulations when trying to plan a wedding for 8/8/08. this date will be the busiest of the year for weddings, how can you handle the stress? This article covers just that.

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can do this just because it is a fun idea, and your guests will really enjoy trying to look for all the different ways that you have incorporated the number eight into your ceremony and reception. Other reasons that August 8 is the day that you should get married is the fact that August is one of the best summer months to get married in. Summer weather means that most of your guests will not be hindered by weather complications in order to get there. Also, you will most likely be able to have an outdoor event if you so choose. Depending on what part of the country you are having your wedd

Written by: SummerBanks Uploaded Date: 19th Jun 2008 Words: 499
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