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The Mall of America is a popular attraction located in Bloomington, Minnesota. It is just minutes away from the international airport. There are so many things to see and do at The Mall of America for the whole family and it is possible to make a whole vacation out of the mall.

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e and do for the whole family at The Mall of America. Nestled in the center of the mall is Nick Universe, which is an enormous amusement park filled with rides and games for the whole family. The little ones will enjoy their time here as they can meet up with their favorite Nick characters, such as Spongebob and Dora. You can purchase wristbands for unlimited rides, or you can pay for them individually. If you are planning to do more than a couple of rides, it pays to purchase the wristband. There is a ton of rides for all age and size groups, and you could make a whole day out of Nick

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