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When living on a tight budget, families are trying to cut as much cost as they possibly can on things like groceries. Using these money saving tips, you can save a lot on your grocery bill and have spare money for other things.

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eek out of your newspaper, you can save a lot of money. There are now a lot of manufacturers and retailers who offer coupons on their websites, or even on email mailing lists. Check the internet often for printable coupons. Most major retailers and grocery stores will accept them and they can save you even more at the grocery store. Make a list of groceries your home will need in the next week. Plan your meals out ahead of time. If you know what you will need before you go to the grocery store will save you money in itself. Make a list at home of things that you need to buy, and only

Written by: Leanne B Uploaded Date: 17th Aug 2008 Words: 445
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