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If you find yourself short on holiday spirit this season, visit Union Square in San Francisco. The best of what the city has to offer is all there. From old San Francisco glamour, huge Christmas trees and a visit with Santa, it has it all.

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an this fabulous spot in the City. The best part is this little adventure is easy on the pocketbook! The Christmas Tree At the very heart of the City, Union Square has been a favorite destination since the early 1900s. Having recently undergone a 25 million dollar renovation, it is more beautiful and welcoming than ever. Every year an enormous tree is put up in the square, complete with lights and ornaments. It is worth a look, particularly if you have kids. I brought my kids here just to see their little faces fill with awe and wonder. St. Francis Hotel There are several old

Written by: Rhonda Leabo Uploaded Date: 17th Aug 2008 Words: 570
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