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This article talks about the image that Lil Wayne has built as a gangster rapper. It talks about how he has embraced this image as a way of selling records. This is a technique that other Artists have used (also discussed within the article). However, footage of Wayne in middle school has been uncovered and his image has not be exposed as false. Will Wayne continue to sell gangster rap records? This article talks about all of these issues and more.

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een leaked of Lil Wayne performing in his 7th grade junior high school play performance of The Wizard of Oz. The video can be seen here While it is uncertain how this will translate to his future record sales we can be sure that the rough childhood in which he sold crack and hung out with gang members is nothing more than a myth and sales ploy to sell records and the proof is in the video.

Written by: newfnshow715 Uploaded Date: 31st Aug 2008 Words: 404
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