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This article talks about the Jonas Brothers' album and the publicity that has lead up to the album. It discusses the relationship with Miley Cyrus and how this relationship is mirrored on their album. It also talks about their new album being leaked onto the internet and gives a detailed review of the album. This includes song titles and recommendations for fans.

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. You can get this CD on Itunes for less than $10 if you buy a prepaid Itunes card if you are interested in listening to the material. The CD itself is decent and I would probably give it a 6/10 because I think that fans will enjoy the slower songs on the CD. These were some of my favorite songs, which include "Can't Have You", and "Lovebug" which I believe is about Miley. If you are a fan then you should give the CD a listen and judge for yourself. However, the good news is you will not need to wait all not and stand on line to get a copy because you can now download the leaked version throug

Written by: newfnshow715 Uploaded Date: 31st Aug 2008 Words: 376
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