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This article discusses the hot NFL topic of the New England Patriots and their resurgence in the wake of Tom Brady's injury. It discusses backup QB Matt Cassel and head coach Bill Belichick's plan to keep the success going.

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the New England Belichicks’ game plan is the same as it ever was. Only better” (Davis). It looks like things are going to just fine in New England. They are sitting at 2-0, leading a division that does not look poised to present a remotely viable challenger. On top of that, it looks like Matt Cassel has been taking notes from his mentor. Cassel, who sat as a backup behind Heisman trophy winner Matt Leinart at Southern California, has a well documented story. Despite not starting a single game in college, New England selected him in the final round of the 2005 draft. That raised some eyebro

Written by: Creative Content Uploaded Date: 18th Sep 2008 Words: 458
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