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Can a landlord evict the superintendent of a building once he stops working for the landlord? Superintendents usually enjoy a special status in an apartment building, and their compensation frequently includes the free use of an apartment unit. This article analyzes this issue and examines a recent New York City case on the subject.

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inion should be sufficient to scare most landlords. It is important for landlords to have written employment agreements with their superintendents which state that rights to occupy an apartment are solely a condition of employment. If more judges adopt the opinion of Judge McCooe, then landlords with informal employment agreements with their superintendents run the risk of being stuck with them as rent-stabilized tenants once their employment ends. Landlords will generally not be stuck with an ex-superintendent as a tenant unless that person can clearly show a dual relationship of tenant a

Written by: elawrence Uploaded Date: 3rd Dec 2008 Words: 1257
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