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Can a landlord evict the superintendent of a building once he stops working for the landlord? Superintendents usually enjoy a special status in an apartment building, and their compensation frequently includes the free use of an apartment unit. This article analyzes this issue and examines a recent New York City case on the subject.

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r, but it is best for a landlord to be safe and avoid any potential legal risks. In addition to having a clearly written employment agreement, the landlord can also write a letter to the newly hired superintendent. In this letter, the landlord should maintain a friendly tone and welcome the superintendent as an employee. The letter should clearly outline the nature of the relationship, mentioning that the superintendent was previously a good tenant, but is now only an employee who lives in the same building. Such a letter can serve as additional evidence to support the landlordís position

Written by: elawrence Uploaded Date: 3rd Dec 2008 Words: 1257
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