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Men generally do better with explanations of what they don't want. And what they don't want is anyone who even remotely reminds him of his ex girlfriend or ex wife who ended up making him question the sanity of humankind everywhere.

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hat'll rival any spoiled three year old whose mom refuses to buy the Skittles in the checkout line, you're in big trouble. Materialistic is out, ladies. The gracious and genuine woman is the way to go. In fact, one thing I know for sure is I can remember those times spent driving around in the middle of the night with the windows down and few words spoken; these are the times that really count. I have so many earrings that I can't wear because the other one's missing and rings that feel wrong when I put them on; but the jewels I carry in my heart are always right. If it sounds too simplis

Written by: J. Beth Trent Uploaded Date: 20th Dec 2008 Words: 888