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End homelessness and help save the planet with straw bale building. This eco-friendly building material must be considered in order to provide a fast, simple, economic way to solve a huge problem, including stress-related diseases and also addictions associated with homelessness globally.

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n and damp. Straw bales are eco-friendly, being the end result of food production, so are naturally sustainable and a perfectly simple building material. The fire risk from a home made of straw bale is negligible, as the bale has no large air pockets to enable fire to take hold. Straw bale houses can be built in a day or less, depending on how many people are helping, and do not need experience in architecture to make one from scratch. Buildings made from this material are earth friendly and look a natural part of the landscape. These buildings are cosy and warm in winter and cool in summer,

Written by: Leonie Hardy Uploaded Date: 21st Dec 2008 Words: 470