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End homelessness and help save the planet with straw bale building. This eco-friendly building material must be considered in order to provide a fast, simple, economic way to solve a huge problem, including stress-related diseases and also addictions associated with homelessness globally.

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r and cool in summer, taking an average 40% less energy to heat. Homeless people and families are chronically stressed out, just by the worry of where they can sleep and how they are able to stay warm, especially in the cold months of the year. When living in a straw bale home, the occupants will feel relaxed and secure in the knowledge of having a home to call their own. Stress related diseases and addictions will lessen due to the one with nature effect that a straw bale environment has on the psyche. The acoustics are soft and welcoming with the materials used and also lends a chemical fr

Written by: Leonie Hardy Uploaded Date: 21st Dec 2008 Words: 470