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This article is about preemie raising fraternal twin girls and to now three year old girls. This article is about being the mother of preemie twin girls who came into this world early and are now three years old.

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on on the floor above my twins, all I did was rest and eat a little bit. The pain from the C-Section was not too bad, but my thought process was still trying to wrap around my brain that I have two preemie babies downstairs that needed me. Once my twins were home, my Mom and Dad drove up to see their twin granddaughters and help me and my husband out in a big way. They were a great blessing to me as we all four took diaper changing and feeding shifts almost every two to three hours. The first three months of my twins lives were when I needed help the most and my parents were just amazing wi

Written by: momoftwingirls Uploaded Date: 30th Dec 2008 Words: 568
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