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Do you have a concrete plan to battle the prices in the grocery store? Knowing how to obtain free items and save the most money on groceries and non food items is a skill. Here are a few tips to help you recession proof your grocery list.

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. Write down these items. After receiving all of the sales, write down which items you want to purchase. A great strategy is to purchase meat or high priced items when they are buy one get one free. The extra main dish could be used as part of your normal menu, or saved for future use. In Store Specials When you are at your grocery store, make sure that you have a savings card. This is only necessary if that particular grocery store requires the card to receive the sale price. Sign up with the grocery stores mailing list by phone or through their website. This will alert you to special

Written by: ProsperousMindset Uploaded Date: 3rd Feb 2009 Words: 630
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