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Are you upside down in car loans, overextended on your credit cards, and barely making your mortgage? Creating an emergency fund and eliminating debt is a way for your to not be a slave to excess debt and stress. Here are a few tips to help you turn your financial situation around and crate an emergency fund quickly.

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n. These typical positions are delivery drivers, waiters, or sales. A good choice is a job with a base wage and bonuses or tips. This money is not for spending. This money is specifically for your emergency fund. After your emergency fund has at least $ 1000 start attacking your debt. Continue adding to your emergency fund each time you are paid. Start with one debt, get that paid off, and then direct your efforts into the next debt. Recession Proof Business You can make more money helping people with money, than a job with a flat hourly pay rate. Cleaning homes or offices pays more per

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