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Do you routinely spend too much at the grocery store? Not having a written plan when you enter the grocery store, is an easy way to overspend. Here are few tips to help you create and stay within your grocery budget by paying cash.

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round up the cost of each item. Keep a running total of the groceries as you place them into your shopping cart. If you feel you are going to be close to your budget, hand most of the groceries to the cashier. Hold a few items that you could do with out. Continue handing over items until you are at your budget. Open your cash envelope and hand over the coupons. You may know be able to afford that last item and be within your budget. Pay attention, most cashiers can not deduct coupon savings from your bill after you have paid. Paying cash for your groceries will help you to limit excess pu

Written by: ProsperousMindset Uploaded Date: 5th Feb 2009 Words: 448
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