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An article about becoming pregnant during the credit crunch. How we should all slow down and think about our lives and not just our bank balances.

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pposed to be a joyous occasion but it seems that nowadays, itís always, how will we manage? What about the money? Donít get me wrong itís not something one should rush into, but then sometimes these things are rushed upon us. Money is always a fact in everything we do. Every day is a battle, but weíre fighters arenít we? My view is that things usually work out in the end. One way or another, things always come good. We scrimp and we scrap and sure, sometimes the meter runs out, or weíre a bit short at the shops, but lifeís challenges shape us into the person we are, donít they? The everyday

Written by: LJ Reeves Uploaded Date: 20th Feb 2009 Words: 295
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