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This article is a positive, upbeat review of the luxurious One Spa at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland. One in a series of 14 articles by the same author, it would be a useful addition to any site or magazine whose content is concerned with spas, wellness or short breaks in the UK.

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by highly professional life coaches and therapists. Treatments and therapies One Spa is a sanctuary committed to revitalising and rejuvenating the whole being. Fusing ancient and modern holistic techniques, One Spa draws on methods practiced throughout the world, from China and India to Europe and beyond, to ensure each client's individual needs are tailored to. ESPA natural skincare range are the products of choice in One Spa's treatments that extend from massage and body wraps to facials, hot stone therapies, manicures, pedicures and make-up. One Spa's signature treatme

Written by: BelindaF Uploaded Date: 23rd Feb 2009 Words: 630
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