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Are you looking for new ways to maximize your income? You could unknowingly be paying a portion of your income each workday to the local barista. Do you feel that you need your morning cup of coffee and it is a fixed part of your workday routine? Here are some tips to help you become an independent coffee lover with more money in your pocket.

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of coffee, doesn't seem like a budget buster to anyone who is employed. However, spending $2 a day on coffee adds up to at least $40 or more each month. If you routinely purchase latees or frappucinos then your daily spending costs are considerably higher. Spending $3.50 a each work day is about $70 a month. Before leaving your home to go shopping, or to any location where you normally would buy a coffee bring a coffee drink from home. Purchase reusable and disposable coffee cups with lids. Spend your money instead on quality coffee, syrups, organic milk, and organic cream. You may

Written by: ProsperousMindset Uploaded Date: 22nd Mar 2009 Words: 466
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