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Are you looking for new ways to maximize your income? You could unknowingly be paying a portion of your income each workday to the local barista. Do you feel that you need your morning cup of coffee and it is a fixed part of your workday routine? Here are some tips to help you become an independent coffee lover with more money in your pocket.

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ill hot. Stir thoroughly to disolve all of the sugar crystals. If you are avoiding white sugar for health reasons try sugar in the raw or liquid flavored stevia. Flavored stevia is milder in flavor than white powdered stevia. After mixing your coffee place it in the refrigerator for a few hours. If you love black coffee simply pour the coffee over ice. If you enjoy cream in your coffee add cream or milk to your iced coffee. Add your favorite flavored syrup and gently stir. You can also add this mixture to the blender for a frothy cool slush type drink. Coffee Savings Choosing to

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