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Are you bored with your current eye make up? Learning a new technique can make your eyes pop from any angle. You can create the smokey eye look for both day and evening. Here are some tips to help you become a professional at quickly getting the smokey eye look.

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lid. Use a dark colored eye liner pencil on your lower lids. Use eye liner pencil on the top of your corner of your eye. Do not extend the line over your entire eye lid. Apply the rest of make up. Use a face primer under your foundation and powder.Then apply a bright tone of blush on the apples of your checks. Try youthful tones of pink and peach. Step Six Add false lashes or your mascara. Take a few moments to curl your lashes. When wearing a smokey eye pick a natural lip color. Line your lips with a pink, peach, or other neutral color that closely matches the color on the insid

Written by: ProsperousMindset Uploaded Date: 22nd Mar 2009 Words: 417
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