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Bobby Dunbar was a young boy when he went missing. After an eight month long search, he was found and returned to his family. Was Bobby returned to the correct family?

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carred from burn when a baby.\" He did have a boy with him closely matching that description. Walters was then arrested on kidnapping charges. Lessie and Percy Dunbar rushed to Mississippi to claim their son. However, they were not so sure at first this was their boy. This boy did have a scar on his left foot, and had a mole on his neck where Bobby had one, but he would not answer to the name Bobby, and would have nothing to do with this woman who called herself \"mother.\" The following day, Lessie Dunbar went back to the hospital to visit the child and agreed to bathe him. She then

Written by: Kathleen Uploaded Date: 28th Mar 2009 Words: 542
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