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Whether you are looking for a romantic relationship or a friend, your personal ad should present a picture of you, in words, that is honest and to the point. It is very easy to emphasize aspects that arenít necessarily the most important aspects of your personality, or to (inadvertently) make yourself appear more than you are. This article provides tips for anyone new to writing personal ads.

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ften they feel fake and boring and can label you fake and boring. Change it around a bit--say instead "When I am not working, I often go jogging or walking in the park." Not exciting, but more descriptive. Emphasize your good qualities, but don't make yourself super-human. It won't be helpful if you attract someone who likes you based on false or exaggerated information. Proofread your ad copy with your own eyes--don't rely fully on the spell checker. A spell checker will not flag many words that you don't necessarily mean to use--for example: "I prefer women with blonde hare." Unless

Written by: Chris M Uploaded Date: 8th Apr 2009 Words: 442
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