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If you are planning a wedding on a budget you may be trying to cut corners on your expenditures. This article outlines the different areas and ways to save money for your wedding on a budget.

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the church or other location that you are having the wedding at would be all that is necessary. You can even use a few balloons to decorate. Use a bow on the first couple rows of pews at the church. Leave the rest of the pews alone, this will save money on your wedding budget. 7. Invitations - Invitations donít have to be pricey either. You can make your own invitations or even call your guests on the phone, depending on how formal you want your wedding to be. 8. Photography - Photography is a large expense. Instead of having a photographer, get bridal portraits made at a photo

Written by: Jane Vee Uploaded Date: 24th May 2009 Words: 824
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