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If you donít have children, but are thinking about becoming a parent, I have constructed a list of reasons to have children. Children are a lot of hard work. Children can also cost a lot of money. Here are ten reasons or excuses, whichever the case may be, to have children. Keep in mind children are a lot of work but that is what a daycare is for. Children also cost a lot of money, but that is why you give them labors of love to do.

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st a lot of money, but that is why you give them labors of love to do. 1. First, you have a child because you love them and want a child. Children need lots of attention, affection and care. You want to provide them with security and love. 2. Babies are so dang cute! Babies are meant to be dressed up and shown off. Showing off a baby is a great way to be the center of attention. The next time you see a parent dressed like the child, ask if itís because the parent is showing off the child. 3. You use children to attract the attention of the opposite sex. In doesnít matter if a baby

Written by: Jane Vee Uploaded Date: 3rd Jun 2009 Words: 563
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