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It's perhaps a little ironic that it's the gay community that outs celebrities, given that they're the ones who know how hard it can be to admit one's sexuality (sometimes even to oneself, never mind family and friends).

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t being gay is bad for one's career - especially in Hollywood, so it's perhaps understandable that some celebrities are a little concerned about their future career prospects if they step out of the closet. A young man admitting to being gay probably won't be offered the romantic lead in many movies (although the British actor Ian McKellen is quoted as saying that coming out didn't affect his career in this way and he still gets offered heterosexual parts). Acting is all about pretending, after all. But Ian McKellen came out over twenty years ago in the UK: most know that Hollywood is notoriou

Written by: PierreTobin Uploaded Date: 13th Jun 2009 Words: 1080
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