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Bali, Indonesia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia. It is a top destinations for Australians and Europeans because of its rich heritage, friendly people, and beautiful scenery.

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en inhabited by artists as early as the 15th century. Attracting people all over the world Bali has continuously been popular to a lot of people borne of different races. Its ecology, economy, culture, religion and language has been a cause of enticement of people from all walks of life. Being in a tropical region, Bali has been gifted with a lot of notable flora and fauna. As a matter of fact, the area houses around 280 bird species. One of the most popular winged specie in the place is the endangered Bali Starling. People who want to be close to tropical animals could visit the Bal

Written by: Richard L. Uploaded Date: 18th Jun 2009 Words: 431
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