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While it is just a matter of discipline and will power to start saving for your nest-egg, it is just that easy to shoot it goodbye. A couple of wrong decisions and you might write your own poverty statement because you will realize that by the time you are out of cubicle nation, you are also out of any money saved to tide you. To ensure that you wonít go wrong anywhere with your retirement funds, here are five ways to help you:

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bound through-out your life: there will be instances when you will want to use some of this money you are saving for your retirement for something else fancy. Vacations, a second home, a second car and almost everything else can be subsidized, discounted or cancelled. You should start when young and just yourself disciplined and continue to save money as long as you are able to earn. No second thoughts. No exceptions to this rule. Save for retirement and not for college: There is no denying that you want to do something for your kids and save enough money to put them through college. But o

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