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Building self esteem is an important skill. Feeling good about ourselves is key to success in life. The steps outlined in this article give the reader actionable advice on how to go about improving their self esteem and self image.

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ard and shy in social situations, a life coach can help you find methods to alleviate these feelings. They may look into why you feel that way and work on those issues. Find out from your friends if any of them use life coaches. If they do, see if they can recommend one. Finally, there is a spiritual way to go about building self esteem. The goal of this article is not to preach about any particular religion or faith. It is about finding inner peace, which can be through religion, meditation, or by some other means. When you are at peace with yourself, you will feel better. Some people lik

Written by: Lynda Altman Uploaded Date: 10th Jul 2009 Words: 386
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