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Building self esteem is an important skill. Feeling good about ourselves is key to success in life. The steps outlined in this article give the reader actionable advice on how to go about improving their self esteem and self image.

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this type are wonderful for keeping a positive attitude even when things are not going very well for you. A really good pamphlet on self esteem is available online from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The URL is rather long, I would suggest looking it up in a search engine. The title is \"Building Self Esteem -- A Self Help Guide.\" It is definitely worth reading. Another option for building self esteem is a personal life coach. Many life coaches can be found online. Some charge a fee, some do not. Life coaches help you improve the areas of your life that you feel you nee

Written by: Lynda Altman Uploaded Date: 10th Jul 2009 Words: 386
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