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This article gives efficient ways to save your precious money from overflowing from your pockets . Easy language, which will surely make it more crisp and knowledgeable for all. Tips from everyday life , which can be easily implemented on our lives to make our life better in this period of recession .

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st be thinking how can we save money by going ecofriendly. So here it is. Firstly,recycling paper is of great help. Use the back of pamphlets for rough works , this can surely save your money. Recycling water saves your water bill. Used water can be collected and utilised to water your plants or wash your car. You can even segregate the biodegradable and non biodegradable products , from which the non biodegradable could be sold in the market ( I think this is of no use) 2.MINIMIZE USING CREDIT CARDS Credit cards often tend you to charge more if by chance you forget to repay the credi

Written by: shaurya Uploaded Date: 3rd Sep 2009 Words: 294
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