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This article is aimed at the typical user who wants to learn how to perform the intricate actions his applications offer and isn't able or willing to attend classes.

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similarities in MS Access. CLUES It is amazing how many people donít know that if you rest the mouse on a command, it will tell you what it does, in Microsoft programs. Itís easy to find out if yours does that. Rest the mouse arrow on a word or icon. JARGON Every human endeavor, from knitting to rocket science, develops its unique language. In the fifties, Xeroxģ made copy machines. For years, though other copiers came along, we Xeroxed documents. The computer equivalent is Google. We donít search for an answer on the Internet, we Google it. Nearly everyone understands that. Jargon i

Written by: Fay West Uploaded Date: 5th Sep 2009 Words: 973
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