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This article is aimed at the typical user who wants to learn how to perform the intricate actions his applications offer and isn't able or willing to attend classes.

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Along the top and the left are rulers, shown in inches, and to the right is an up-and-down scroll bar. Rulers show margin settings, and these may be moved. TOGGLE SWITCHES Finding out what to do isnít as daunting as finding out how to undo it. Once youíve changed your screen to resemble a book, how do you change it back? Many items on menus are toggle switches. That is, the same button turns them on and off. One way to tell if something is a toggle switch is a check mark next to the item you clicked. For others, there is usually a complementary opposite action. Try View>Web Layout. Then c

Written by: Fay West Uploaded Date: 5th Sep 2009 Words: 973
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