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Antivirus, Spyware protection, Two-way firewall, Identity protection, Antiphishing, Neork security, Botnet protection, Rootkit detection, Browser protection, Internet worm protection, Intrusion prevention, OS and application protection, Web site authentication, Pulse updates, NortonTM Insight, SONARTM behavioral protection, Antispam, Parental, Controls & confidential information blocking. The above mentioned are few of the top services

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confidential information blocking. The above mentioned are few of the top services that are available in the Norton Internet Security Package. The advanced levels of technology have enhanced the users experience worldwide and have proven to be the world’s number one choice for a total security system. Advantages Having a high detection level, compared to any other online protection services, the Norton Internet Security system has been accredited by the top IT industries around the globe. It has an easy interface that is easy to purchase online and quick to download, install and sche

Written by: Shirley Uploaded Date: 2nd Oct 2009 Words: 522
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