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It is always recommended to read about culture and traditions of any place you are planning to go. Few minutes of reading will save you from possible cultural shock and embarrassing situations. Plus, you might find out some very interesting facts about the country. This article is about some cultural peculiarities of Dubai. It is both important and interesting to know for anyone who is thinking to go there.

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t is strictly forbidden to eat with oneís left hand in Muslim homes. Making Business. You will be expected to be always on time but you canít expect the same in return. Your Emirati partners might be late without even informing you. Do not get angry with them. This cultural peculiarity has very deep roots and it is common for all Arabic countries. So you better accept it as it is. Plus, there are so many positive things in dealing with Emiratis that this small point appears to be not important at all. Most of Emirati people are very friendly, well educated and hospitable. Youíll find deal

Written by: White Owl Uploaded Date: 3rd Nov 2009 Words: 583
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