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The most striking thing of a website is the domain name. This is what sticks with people. There are many companies who can make a nice revenue from parking domain names. Let your readers enjoy an article about selling domain names. KEYWORD RICH ARTICLE!

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l are valued the same. However, if you are selling domain names on a local level, be sure to register that extension. Selling a domain is the easy part. There are auction sites where you can put your domain for sale for a small fee. When selling a domain trough one of these portals you should always be aware. There are many scammers who want to make quick cash by obtaining your domain without ever paying for it! This scam also works the other way around, there are people who offer a domain which they do not own. Luckily there are more strict policies with auction sites to counter these sor

Written by: K. Bogaard Uploaded Date: 28th Dec 2009 Words: 368
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