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The most striking thing of a website is the domain name. This is what sticks with people. There are many companies who can make a nice revenue from parking domain names. Let your readers enjoy an article about selling domain names. KEYWORD RICH ARTICLE!

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ot more then ten dollar. You can even use a parking website to park the domain for you! Just be sure to come up with a good domain name. The domain will do the rest of the work if set ‘for sale’. The extension of a domain is one of the least important factors when registering a domain name. Some extensions might be more expensive than others, but in general all are valued the same. However, if you are selling domain names on a local level, be sure to register that extension. Selling a domain is the easy part. There are auction sites where you can put your domain for sale for a small fee. W

Written by: K. Bogaard Uploaded Date: 28th Dec 2009 Words: 368
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