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Rhesus factor is more common than most women realise. This article explains what it's all about, and how to prevent it.

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factor. If your blood group is negative (e.g. A-), you don't. If you are negative, and your partner or spouse is positive, there is a chance that your child could be negative or positive. It isn't a problem if the fetus is negative, and it usually isn't a problem in a first pregnancy. In second pregnancies or if you have had a miscarriage or termination and subsequently fall pregnant again, however, it could affect the fetus. If a woman who is Rh negative has a baby who is Rh positive, and their blood mixes, she will build up antibodies against the fetus. Fortunately, their blood does

Written by: Kirsty Riley Uploaded Date: 13th Jan 2010 Words: 613
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