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The most precious moment life comes when you become a parent. Your wonderful baby is always on your mind and you would always want the best for your baby. One of the most common problems new parents face is choosing the right apparel for their baby. These are some tips that will help in making the right choice.

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trip to the baby apparel shop do not get hustled by the large variety of clothes and the number of baby clothes brands on display. After all, you are the parent and you know what suits your baby the most. If you like any particular brand or design do not make a run for it and take it home to try it on your baby. The firs criteria while shopping for clothes for your baby should be the size. For infants up to 6 months the clothes are generally categorized into two sizes. One for babies who are up to 3 months old and the other for three to six month old babies. Another criterion to be taken

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