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There are many beautiful churches in the world but there are some that can only be called spectacular. Christian church architecture falls into categories; Modern, Gothic, Medieval and Renaissance. Their beauty and unique structures have spanned the test of time.

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esentation of the Christian architecture of the era. The Church of Halgrimur Located in Iceland this is also modern architecture from 1945 to 1986 this church was under construction, designed by Guojon Samuelsson and his vision of one of his countries assets. The Church of Halgrimur is one of the most notable buildings in Iceland. This unique structure designed to give the impression of flowing lava took over 38 years to complete, it is among the most spectacular in the world. History of Church Architecture The building of churches has been influenced by the environment as well as

Written by: Banks Jefferson Uploaded Date: 22nd Apr 2010 Words: 714
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