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Article discusses the relationship between Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green and this possible marriage status. It also discusses their acting roles in Transformers and 90210 and the possibility of a publicity stunt. This is a SEO article intended to drive traffic to your site. Written by a native English speaker with extensive SEO experience.

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Megan Fox will not be part of the Transformers 3 movie. She has been working on a film titled Jonah Hex. According to Megan Fox, the couple briefly split in 2009 and decided to get back together later in the year. The two were married at the Four Seasons Resort on the main island of Hawaii. They are 12 years apart in age and Brian Austin Green is best known for his role on 90210. There has been a lot of speculation that the couple is using this as a publicity stunt since Megan is no longer part of Transformers 3. What do you think? Only time will tell what the true status of their relationship

Written by: newfnshow715 Uploaded Date: 29th Jun 2010 Words: 336
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