What is DailyArticle.com?
DailyArticle.com is a website that provides an affordable solution to quality article buying. Our method keeps an every-growing number of writers happy and allows article seekers to simplify the article buying process.

How is DailyArticle.com Different from other article selling websites?
Unlike article selling websites that overcharge for articles, spin articles, and offer various "ownership" options, DailyArticle.com provides buyers with an affordable way to own their articles 100%. No need to track your rights to the articles and no worries about duplicate content penalties. DailyArticle.com - the new way to buy articles.

Do writers take content request?
Writers are kept informed of topics that are of interest to our website visitors. In this way, writers are provided with suggestions, but do not take direct requests. If you would like to order custom written copy, please visit our partner site at GoCopywriting.com

What type of writers sell articles on DailyArticle.com?
Although most writers on DailyArticle.com have a wealth of knowledge on various subjects, it is also the place for junior writers to get their start. Our writers are native English speakers, and although we don't limit writer location, all writers to date live in the US and Canada.

How does DailyArticle.com avoid duplicate content penalties?
The owners and editors of DailyArticle.com are very conscious of the requirements of the leading search engines in regards to duplicate content penalties. We do not rework articles so that they pass certain tests, instead, we apply several metrics to make sure that articles submitted by writers are 100% original.

  • Editor approval of all articles is required.
  • All articles are Copyscape verified.

Why are the articles scrambled?
Publicly seen articles are scrambled to protect buyers from article copiers and search engines that disregard our requests to not have the articles indexed.

Can I trust the scrambled article?
The scrambled article, although distorted does give you a wealth of information regarding the article's contents. In addition, our editors are professional writers that would never approve to sell an article that is unprofessional or misleading in any way. However, if you are not completely satisfied with the article you receive, contact our customer service department to exchange the article purchased.

Who sets the article's price?
Each writers sets their article's price keeping in mind the current market, the time, effort, the research they have invested in the article, and the fact that full-rights ownership is being transferred.

What is Copyright?
In the world of writing, the writer of an article (copy) is instantly given complete ownership (rights) to the article - known as the article's copyright. Now, unless the writer transfers ownership to the article, the article may used, but will never truly be owned by anyone other than the writer. Without transfer of ownership, the writer still owns the article and can force those using the article to comply with their demands concerning the article.

What does full-rights article mean?
When we state that you are the "full-rights owner" of all articles purchased, we are legally removing any obligation you have to the article's writer. When a writer submits their work to DailyArticle.com, they authorize DailyArticle.com to transfer the article's full copyright ownership to the buyer upon successful purchase. In this way, the writer's copyrights are protected, as well as that of the article buyer.

May I modify the article after its purchase?
Absolutely. Upon purchase, you are the copyright owner of all content. You may modify it, resell it, or post it as you see fit.

Are purchased articles resold?
Absolutely not. All articles purchased are permanently removed from our server and will not be reposted, reviewed, or resold to other article buyers. Doing so would result in DailyArticle.com infringing on and violating your copyright ownership.

When do I receive my articles?
Articles are available for immediate download upon verification of payment (through PayPal or Authorize.net). Articles are also sent via email to the address provided. On occasion, your order may go directly to your junk mail folder, so please check. If after 10 minutes you have not received your article via email, let our customer service department know so that it can be resent. Please have your order number available.

What format are articles delivered in?
All articles are delivered in standard ASCII text.

What do you require for an order?
Once you find the right articles, you only need a PayPal account or a major credit card and a valid email address.

What do you do with the information collected?
We do not sell, share or make public any customer information. Your email address is collected for order and promotion delivery only. Credit card information is NEVER stored and credit card processing is performed through a secure connection to Authorize.net.

Are refunds provided?
Due to the nature of our business, we do not provide refunds for articles. However, we do strive for complete satisfaction and will work to make sure that your order meets or exceeds your expectations through article exchanges, rewrites and customer credits.

I didn't receive my order, can I have it resent?
On occasion, your order may go directly to your junk mail folder, so please check. If after 10 minutes you have not received your article via email, let our customer service department know so that it can be resent. We will work to implement this in an automated feature. For now, however, please have your order number ready.