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Remembering Personal Experience About Friends Who Want to Try to abort the fetus results in the Foreign Relations ...
This special message from a mother who regrets ..
Hopefully this is helpful ...

One Months Ago: Hello Ma ..! I only 2cm long, and I do not have perfect form. Every time I hear Mama,
I would shake my legs and arms. Gemes deh ...! I love you Mama ..
Mama's heartbeat sound dalah beautiful music that accompanied my days ...

Two Months Ago: Ma ..! Now I'm still learning the fingers cute suck my ... deh fun Ma ... Oiya Mah ... Mah warm here ..
Later when I was out, I want to play at Mama. I promise I will make Mom happy ..

Three Months Ago: Ma ..! I do not know what my gender ..? But whatever I am, I hope Mama and Papa .. love ya! Ma ..!
appointments should not cry ya ..?! Ma not know ..? If Mama cry, I cry, too .. huk huk huk ..
Mama must have not been able to hear my voice, I was really sad ..!
Ma is believed, God would give his best for the life of Mama .. Whatever it is ...

Four Months Ago: Mama ..! My hair started to grow Ma .. It's become my new toy ... ha ha ha ...
Oh yes Ma .. I am now able to move my head, turn left, turn right .. Tralala ...!
I could move my hands and feet Ma ..

Five Months Ago: Ma ...! Mom to the doctor today .. ya? That was what the doctor says Ma ..??
What is abortion ..? Ma .. I will not lay a finger on what's Ma ..??
Ma .. I suddenly really scared ...

Six Months Ago: Ma ..! Mama to the doctor today again .. yes Ma? Ma .. I love Mama ...
Ma .. please you know doctor, I was healthy Ma ..! Ma .. The doctor had begun input sharps ..
Ma .. Sharps started chopping my hair .. Mama ... Help me Mom help me ...
I really love Mama, Mama I want to worship together. I promise, I'll be happy to live my Mama ..
Ma .. Mom does not love me ..?

Ma ..!
This sharp objects began chopping my leg .. huk huk huk .... Sick ...! Sick ... Ma ... Ma ..
I was wrong what sich as Mama ..??
Ma .. though I live without a leg, but I still have two hands that can be stroked and hugged Mama Mama that I care ..
Ma .. please tell the doctor you know to stop sharp objects savage Ma ..
Ma .. Please ... Ma ... Now this sharp objects began chopping my hands .. Ma
a ... huk huk huk ... Sick ... Sick .... Ma .....! I was wrong at Mama .. what? Ma ...
I have to live without arms and legs, but I still have two eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and my other members of his body ...
I still have a chance to see Mama's face is very dear to me ..
I can still say to Mama, Mama ... I Love! Ma .. Sick ..... Sick ... Maa ...!
Now it began a sharp object to cut my throat ....! Ma ... Please .......! Sick ...
.... Maa ....!

Seven Months Ago: Ma ...! Here I am fine ...!
I've been with God in Paradise .. G
od has been restoring all my body is cut in a sadistic by sharp objects ...
God holds my hand ... God picked me and hugged me with his gentle ..
God has been whispering about what my ketelinga ABORTION ..??
Ma .. Why did Mama do not want to play with me ..? What your child is wrong ..?
Why Mama bear cruelty against his own flesh and blood ..
Mama? Mama Did not believe that God does it plan to make the best and most beautiful life ..
Mama? Why the GIFT of God Mama refused ..?? Mama Did not know that this life is just a journey ...?
Was not this life is only temporary ..? Ma ..! There are still many questions,
WHY .. WHY and WHY ... I wanted to ask about the actions of my mother ...?

My message FOR MAMA ** ** Ma .. Repent ..! Give all your friends know Mama ..

I love you mama.
Every abortion is ....
A heart that stops beating ..
Two eyes will never see ..
Two hands will never touch ..
Two legs that will never run ..
A mouth that will never speak ..
Mah .. Give Mom know all your friends ...
How sick I was cut into pieces in the womb Mama, like a useless piece of meat ..

Give all your friends know Mama .. Ma I'm entitled to live in this world ..!
Give Mom know all your friends ... ABORTION ...
it makes God's wrath! Mama I hope that the child understands what you mean ..
"Well the Lord ...! Forgive me .. Mama is sin: for Mama do not know what ..
because Mama Mama do not know how much it hurt me when it's cut into pieces .. Aamiieen ....!
And I would say a sentence that you might hear from me again!
I Love U Mom

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What a little picture that Perform Mother Cruelly ABORTION

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