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7 Tips For Getting What You Want
Get what you want by following certain principles.
7 Tips For Getting What You Want

To get what you want you need to follow some specific principles. There are certain steps that guide you to your dream. Here are 7 tips for getting what you want.
Decide. Figure out what you really want. Make a decision on what matters most to you. List the reasons why it is important that you must have it. Make a commitment to do what it takes to get it. Once you make your decision you gain clarity.
Plan. Come up with a plan for accomplishing your goal. It is important that you lay out the steps that you need to take. Your plan keeps you on track. Your plan gives you a means of charting your progress. You will know how close you are to hitting your goal by examining how far along you are with completion of your plan.
Focus. Keep your attention on where you want to go. Focus on what you want and not on what you don't want. As you focus on what you want you will recognize opportunities. You will be able to turn certain situations to your advantage because you are able to see ways in which those situations will enable you to get another step closer to what you want.
Work. Do the work that you have laid out in your plan. Doing the work keeps your attitude positive. You are encouraged when you take consistent steps by applying a solid work ethic. The positive results which come from your work fuels your motivation. The more good results you experience the more motivated you will be to take additional action.
Change. Be willing to change in order to get what you want. You will have to change in some kind of way. If you could have what you want by staying the same then you would have had what you wanted a long ago. Be willing to change your habits, your mindset, your location or anything else so that you can obtain what you desire.
Associate. Spend time with people who can and will help you. Do not hang around people who put you down or ridicule you because of your dream. You need to surround your self with positive supportive people. You want to be in the company of people who encourage and inspire you.
Persist. Keep on keeping on. Never give up. Keep doing what it takes to have what you want. Your persistence will be rewarded. Most people stop one step away from the finish line. Commit to finishing what you have started so that you get the reward that you have worked so hard for

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