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A comic essay of women and their ability to make men insecure. Men are afraid of women for their ability to exercise power even when they are so different (e.g. lack of penis). Throughout history, men have tried to suppress the powers of these women, but eventually failed. In the end, women are very mysterious to men as much as monsters in horror films. Both scare us and make us insecure.


Honestly, there is a gender side to everything - from relationships, families, society, to films. This is a truth because the world lives with the gender male and female since humans started to live. There is a different point of view from each because of difference experiences and a different way of handling situations. There are things the male gender would not understand first-handedly, as they will never experience what is it like to be a woman. Even sex change patients would never experience menstruation - a mystery to most men even with scientific research and countless articles about it. We just have to face it; male and female are made to be different. Their relationship can be sometimes in cooperation and sometimes in conflict. But I never expected there would be a gender perspective on the genre of horror films. I never imagined Adam, instead of being hit with overwhelming curiosity, would be shivering from fear in front of Eves lack of a penis. Speaking from a male perspective, this paper is already biased for machismo, even if I try to become neutral. This is simply because I have a penis.

There is conflict between these two genders from experiencing the great otherness of the female gender. From history itself, male chauvinism, the extreme version of machismo, had been practiced for so long. Even from the time of the tribes, chieftains are mostly males. When civilization started, males were the one who governed. Females were only destined to stay at home to take care of the children and household chores. On the other hand, males were the one responsible for doing the dirty jobs from farming, wrestling with alligators to strangling the necks of foreign invaders. There was already an attitude created long before that men are superior to women. Women have been pacified in history not to exercise power over the men, or else it is considered taboo and dealt with grave consequences.

From history itself, there is already horror at the incidence of women exercising more power than men. Aside from religious reasons, the gender perspective brings in a new point of view on why witches were burned throughout history. Even though some are healers, these witches were considered to do as much harm as they would do good (Wilby, 2005). Although there were some men accused of participating in witchcraft, the majority of those accused were women (Gibbons, 1998). The rise of these female witches can be considered as an early symbolism of females trying to overpower the males by using supernatural forces. This witch hunt, even though it happened long ago, is not yet over. Just in 2008, Kinhasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, there were sorceress accused of using black magic to steal or make penises of men shrink and extort them for cash for a cure (Bavier, 2008). The males of course, would not allow their power to wobble in front of female figures - this is not a "manly" thing to do. Hence, these penis snatchers were arrested by Kinhasa police (no more burning as this will call for a human rights violation nowadays) to avoid the violence that happened a decade ago in Ghana, where 12 alleged penis snatchers were beaten to death by angry mobs. We men would never allow our penises to be snatched.

Speaking of penis snatchers, this reminds me of the horror movie Teeth wherein the female is considered to be the monster. The antagonist as I would call her (because she is a penis snatcher!), is named Dawn, a high school girl who discovered that apparently, her vagina bites anything that enters it. But what else would enter it besides a penis? Yes, her vagina castrates penises! This is called vagina dentata, the Latin word for toothed vagina. For the females who have watched this, the movie is an empowering movie for femininity to take revolution and topple over male power. On the other hand, for the males, it was an unbelievably gut-wrenching movie that empowered us to take care of our penises more. If only we could evolve into having penises with Kevlar skin. The movie is a warning for us men not to have sex just with any woman. The women are again trying to control over the men who are driven most of the time by their libido. I'm beginning to think the movie Teeth is not only for entertainment, ut there is an underlying propaganda by the feminists to pacify men's penises.

In a way, the women are considered monsters for us men because they are very different from us but still they can exercise power. Sometimes, the power can be too overwhelming for us men. Even though the phallus is a symbol of power, it is the vagina that devours the phallus into its depths. It can be sucked in by the vacuum of the vagina and sometimes it can bite figuratively and sometimes literally (in the case with Teeth). Some movies even depict the presence of affinity between monsters and women as both of them feel being objectively differentiated by the eyes of male chauvanistic pigs. For example, in the movie Little Shop of Horros (1986), the woman who cared for this monstrous plant seemed to have a loving relationship with the monster. Also, King Kong (2005) had this loving relationship with Ann Darrow. Both can relate to being very different and thus can understand one another more than men do. And yet, even though they are considered different, they also have a different kind of power that threats men. The women have their ways of trying to overpower men, and well, the monsters sometimes have more than one penis as depicted in Japanese Hentai. La Blue Girl (1992-1993) shows monsters having multiple tentacle sex with school girls and requires being rescued by their boys. Creatures with multiple penises just makes men feel insecure. What's worse is both monster and women know this capability!

It is not necessary to go far as witches, the myth of Vagina Dentata or watch Hentai to experience the monstrosity of these women. Just wait for their pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) or better yet, potential murder suspect, and experience their capability of turning us men into fleeing dogs.PMS comes in every month but for some women the cycle is irregular, which makes the horror of experience their wrath more frightening, because it can happen any day and anytime, taking you by surprise.

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