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How To Save Money During Christmas
Christmas can be expensive, so how can you save money during this time of year? This article offers some simple tips on how to save money during Christmas.
How to Save Money During Christmas

Christmas can be one of the most expensive times of the year. So how can you save money without missing out on a great Christmas? Here are some tips:

1. Compare Prices
Use the Internet and catalogues to compare prices before you leave the house. Make a list of what you need, and then stick to it. If you shop without a list, it's very easy to overspend on items that you don't need, only to get home and realise that you've forgotten several items that you do need.

2. Make Your Own Decorations
Christmas Decorations can be expensive, so why not make your own? There are heaps of ideas online, and many decorations are quite simple to make. Don't have time? Why not ask the kids to help out. It'll keep them busy and they'll enjoy getting into the Christmas fun.

3. Consider Online Shopping
There are some great bargains to find online. This is also a great option if you have friends or relatives interstate or overseas that you need to send presents to You can order online and get the gift delivered directly to their house. Just remember to check the postage and handling charges that get added on at the end they can vary considerably.

4. The Best Presents Aren't Always The Most Expensive
How many times have you received a gift that you didn't really like, but you kept because someone had spent a lot of money on it? Sometimes the simplest presents are the best. A framed photo of grand-kids, a basket of home-baked treats, a plant these are all great gift ideas that won't cost a fortune.

5. Accept Help
If you are hosting Christmas this year and people offer to bring something, make sure you take them up on the offer. If they don't offer, then you could always ask them. Most people won't mind bringing a plate of food, a salad, drinks etc. to help ease the cost of Christmas lunch.

6. Recycle Your Wrapping Paper
Once the kids have opened all of their presents and left a huge mess under the tree, collect up all of the wrapping paper and ribbon and put it away for next year. It won't save you money this year, but will come in handy next year. It doen't matter if it's a little bit crumpled the kids will be too excited about what's inside to notice!

While Christmas is only a few weeks away, it's not too late to create a budget. A budget is simple to draw up, and will help you see how much you can afford to spend (and where you need to cut back). It should only take you 10 minutes, but it will save you a lot of stress.

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