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How To Do Some Soul-searching
Many people are forced to make changes as they approach middle age. Some are by choice, but...
How to do some soul-searching.

Many people are forced to make changes in their life as they approach middle age. Some are by choice, but many are precipitated by economic dislocation, as employers either cut back or disappear.

Although initially this may come as a shock, often the person who lost their employment was secretly glad it happened. They were liberated from an emotionally draining job, and can now make a new beginning, hopefully doing something they enjoy.

Perhaps they had already started a spare time venture that was providing a little income, or planning to do so. They can now devote their time to developing it further, and maybe make enough income to live on.

Having some time off is a great catalyst to finding one's true calling. Today, thanks to the internet, anyone can search for whatever information they need online, plus find other people who have already done whatever they wish to do, and can provide advice on how best to proceed. There are online communities covering every topic under the sun, making it easier than ever to chart their own path.
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Written by:   FGual
Uploaded Date:   3rd May 2010
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